Photo Credit: Carrie MaKenna

Welcome to my world………how I see the world – people, places and things.

Based in Colorado I started taking pictures at an early age, then learned to develop and process my own images in a wet darkroom.  I admit, the transition to digital was challenging to say the least. And now I love it – the digital darkroom!

As a once black and white film photographer, one of my favorite things to do was to hand color my black and white images – now I can do so much more! I love manipulating each of my images using both color and black and white, and quite often with filters.

What do I love best about photography? All of it!

I love people. Spending one on one time with you and/or your family or loved one including your precious pets. (Pets are people too – I know, I have two adorable cats; Bella and Mr. Dorsey.) The playfulness; whether it be a special event, happy occasion, in your environment, or business related – is all an expression of who you are. There’s no one quite like you. 

Photography, Street, Architectural, Abstract

Denver Art Museum

I love architecture. Both old and new; classic and modern. Commercial and residential. My career lead me to high-end residential architecture and construction, mostly in the Aspen area where I first learned to really appreciate great architecture. I was both an architectural designer and construction project manager. Due to privacy reasons my architectural photography portfolio is not available online. For a preview of my architectural photography portfolio, please contact me at 970.948.9050.

I love street photography. People watching. All kinds of people. I get to photograph people being people; candid shots and unposed – just being themselves. A face in the crowd. And the architecture; in the cities and smaller towns. I am constantly taking pictures, whether it’s with my Nikon or iPhone. Driving through tunnels, walking along boardwalks and over bridges. The world catches my eye everywhere I turn.

Black & White Photography - The Great Sand Dunes

The Great Sand Dunes

I love nature. Sometimes the lighting is just right, and it’s so simple – the beauty. One of my favorite places is the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado. To be at the top of the dunes at sunrise is a glorious experience, as the sun casts its shadows over the dunes. Please don’t miss “The Shadow Side” – all images were taken with black and white film, developed and processed in a wet darkroom. Black and white photography still holds a special place in my heart.

Photography, MLK Marade

MLK Marade

And as of late – I love photojournalism! The people. The emotion. The story.

I was only 6 when Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and didn’t even know of him then. A few years would pass and I would look to Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas (from That Girl) for inspiration. Equality, not just for women, would become my passion.

We not only celebrate Dr. King’s life and legacy, we continue to fulfill that legacy and quest for equality for all. For acceptance, tolerance, respect, and for love, for all. No matter color or race, gender, sexual orientation or faith.

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Ciao Bella!

Deanna Marie