A brief description of each of my projects is below. To preview the images, click on each of the headings in the drop down menu. Then click on the thumbnail image to preview the full image and/or slideshow of all images.

Tunnels – Sometimes striking, sometimes subtle, always draws me in! “You have to go through it”, such is life itself.

Bridges – Sometimes like tunnels you have to go through it, maybe you go over it, or maybe it’s the  just path to follow. Striking and subtle, always draws me in.

A Face In The Crowd – When no one is watching you……maybe you’re engaged with others or maybe you’re just observing yourself.

Street Photography – What I see on the streets, wherever I am; city streets or country roads. Everything I see catches my eye.

Nature – Nature’s Art; the reflection of clouds at sunset over water, the changing of the seasons, and the strength of a soft petal.