Black and White

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The Shadow Side

The Great Sand Dunes in Southern Colorado is one of my most favorite places. All of these images were taken with black and white film, and developed and printed in a wet darkroom by me.

Photographing The Great Sand Dunes reveals much about the shadows; the dark side.

As the sun begins to rise, casting the first light, creating the shadows, sharp ridges appear, so dramatic and alive.

Moving and curving across the dune field, so soft and sensuous.

Excited and content.

Excited about what I might find, never quite knowing what to expect and feeling content with whatever I find.

Yet, I most always find that get lost in whatever I see, or better yet…….find myself.

I forget about everything else and I am just enjoying the beauty of it all.

I am really present.

The Shadow Side is also a metaphor.

Embracing the dark side.

Complete and whole.

At peace and at one with the universe.

For me, it’s the spiritual experience that delights my soul’s purpose.

People, Places and Things

As a once black and white fine art film photographer who developed and printed my images in a wet darkroom; Black and white photography will always hold a very special place in my heart. I especially love black and white images for their simplicity and depth.